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Ernst Koslitsch is a cool dude from Austria, who lives with me and our son in Vienna. Ernst is well known to most people in our neighborhood, Währing. His Studio is at a mildly busy square, it used to be a cafe which we had for about 8 years, called 12 munchies.

Before the Cafe he studied art at the the University of applied arts and he also studied performative Arts and Sculptur at the Academy of fine arts, Vienna. He graduated in 2010. Now Ernst has matured into an amazing artist, he has found a new drive and has discovered new ways to process into art what goes on in his head.
♥ All Text on this webpage are from his wife, me, Dominique Foertig


"Yes, its true I was once a professional cook working in leading restaurants all over the world"



Ernst Koslitsch Collection and Art to watch


His works have been shown in following Museums: Kunsthaus Graz, Neue Galerie Graz, Camera Austria and Museum of modern Art Salzburg.  Josephine Wagner has been showing his work in her Gallery “Raum mit Licht” in Exhibitions since 2009. There are even Collectors of his work, these include: the State of Austria, Styria and Vienna. Private collection include: Collection Robert Zögling, Collection Brigitte and Christian Spiegelfeld and Alexander Giese.



  • Who is Ernst Koslitsch?

    An Overview, the Short Version

    Ernst Koslitsch is a 1.Contemporary artist  2. Father of Noel  3. Husband of Dominique Foertig  4. One of the founders of the 12 Munchies 5. Part of the 6. Carpenter 7. Outsider artist 8. Studied art at the University of applied Arts Vienna and at the Academy of fine arts, Vienna 9. Has worked as Chef in leading restaurants all over the world 10. Thinker 11. Adores Star Trek 12. Loves science fiction 13. In to all kind of art making 14. Procrastinator 15. Almost famous 16. Curious and funny guy



  • The History of Ernst Koslitsch

    A longer Version to read
    • Ernst Koslitsch and the project 12 Munchies

      Ernst Koslitsch and the project 12 Munchies

      Ernst Koslitsch became a public figure in Währing when he fulfilled his wife´s biggest wish and helped her open the Coffeeshop and Bakery 12 munchies. There they offered an interesting mix of food, coffee and space. The whole project was a place for exchange. To many in the area it was a second home, a place to distance oneself from the fast paced city and also a place to meet and exchange with friends old and new.


      The Cafe 12 munchies started real simple, just a few lines on paper that then morphed into something we never expected.  National newspapers wrote about how new and one of a kind it was. The Cafe was on TV, famous bloggers spoke highly of this place. Everyone was talking about this small Cafe in the outskirts of Vienna. When his wife wanted to do something different, they decided to close the Cafe but keep the Space. Now its his Studio. If you live in the area and drive by the Aumannplatz you've probably seen him, he´s the long haired, bearded, rough looking artist standing in front of his former Café.
      If by chance you find yourself passing by and he is there, say Hi, say you read this, ask for a tour of his work space. He's a really friendly guy.





      Ernst is a memorable type. He also reminds people of someone famous. They never really know who? But he seems so - familiar. He gets told a lot that he looks like Jesus. So thats kind of a running joke with us. When we lived in Spain a complete stranger came up to him and believed he had met him at a club. In Berlin, that happened a couple of times. It seemed that there was a bartender working in a Club in Friedrichshain that looked a lot like Ernst.

      So in this artificial exhibition the main theme is Doppelgänger. It is presumed that everyone has at least a few. But truly identical? Science suggests that doppelgänger should not exist. Mathematically speaking, the number of variables in any face is so large that it would be virtually impossible to meet someone who looks identical to you.

      Still there are other variables, like in the case of siblings. Similar hair, eyes, lips, movements, manner, style etc. In the case of Jesus, no-one really knows what he truly looked like, so may be he did actually look like Ernst or Ernst like Jesus.












    • wood sculpture like frames hanging as a wallpiece, artwork by ernst koslitsch titeled selfportrait as boxes

      Works between 2008 and 2015



      old works from ernst koslitsch constructing mythology



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    About Ernst Koslitsch


    Quote Picard about "No money in the future":

    "The economics of the future is somewhat different. You see, money doesn't exist in the 24th century. The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of humanity."





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    → "Operating manual for the spaceship earth", Buckminster Fuller
    → "Trekonomics: The Economics of Star Trek", Manu Saadia

    → "The Ultimate Star Trek and Philosophy",
    → "Cosmic Trigger- My life after death", Robert Anton Wilson


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  • Magazine

    making truth: Examples of potential exhibitions
    • star-trek-and-communism, kirk or picard, new tv-show, artist questioning the world without money, quote

      Marx is an alien and Star Trek is the bible

      The society between two worlds

      How would a conversation between Karl Marx and the fictional figure Jean-Luc Picard transpire? Would Jean-Luc describe and demonstrate a replicator?

      In the Star Trek series a replicator is a device that uses matter energy conversion to dematerialize matter and then materialize it in to another form.

      On the Enterprise it is primarily used to provide food and water on board the starships. Replicators are already in used to replicate machine parts, clothing and other objects.

    • ernst koslitsch on X-files, ancient science, UFO sighting and lecture about truth and ufo, questioning everything

      Constructing Mythology

      its all about beliving

      Guide/Workshop/Agency and Partner/ supports you on your conspiracy theories, it assists you in building a religious cult or a cult around you. 

      Anyone is welcome, begginners, or those who already have a project but need help to grow and reach a larger public.

      We invest in good ideas and can also imagine co-partnering. From virtual mythology to a brand. 

      We make sure your community becomes obsessed with you.

    • MAKING TRUTH: YOUR FAKE, YOU, Is it my fault that I look like Jesus?


      Is it my fault that I look like Jesus?

      Life on the web allows you to be or say most anything you want. You can even split yourself into many different personalities. The real you, the fake you and the other fake you. You can be a man, a woman, a child.

      You can be old or young, French or Canadian. You can be someones fake family, you can be someones fake lover or you can loudly be someones enemy. This can be a fake version of yourself, this can be the you you want to be but can’t live in your actual life.

      Life on the web is an overload of truth and fake. There is also overlap. You see one thing, then you see another so very much like the first, then as you surf you sometimes feel you are seeing same faces, in a different setting, under different names. Virtual doppelgänger.

    • Star Trek, fond of science fiction

      Star Trek

      fond of science fiction
  • CV

    atoms for peace three drawings in pastel constructing mythology ernst koslitsch








    A selection of past exhibition:

    Open Studio Weekend ( Artwalk) 2021 Währing ,

    Domino | Group Show at Gallery Raum mit Licht Vienna, "NATURE",

    Bad Gastein Gallery Raum mit Licht Pop up, 2020;
    "We have to move the island"
    Gallery Raum mit Licht,  Soloshow, 2020Milk Drop coronet
    , Steirischer Herbst, Kunsthaus Graz at Camera Austria, 2010, Affen, Kunstverein Kaeshmesh, Vienna, 2019; Flying things and other objects, Artwalk, Vienna, 2019; Lets  get serious (Jetzt wird es ERNST), Galerie Marenzzi (SOLO), Leibnitz, 2014; under construction, Galery Raum mit Licht, Vienna, 2009; Notopia, Neue Galerie Graz im Kunsthaus Graz ( Solo), Graz, 2000; Milk drop corronet, Camera Austria im Kunsthaus Graz zum Steirischer Herbst, Graz, 2010; How to construct a universe that doesn´t fall apart two minutes later, Atelierrundgang, Wien, 2017; Pla(t)tform 07 , Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winthertur, 2007; Tag und Nachtbilder ( Einblicke in die Sammlung, MdM Rupertinum (Museum der Moderne), Salzburg, 2012; photo_Graz a selection , Photon Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia,2007



    A selection of art fairs:

    Spark Art Fair Vienna, 2021 | Art-Brussels  Belgium 2013 | Vienna Contemporary, Marx Halle, Vienna, 2017;




    Publication (selection)

    "Notopia",  Neue Galerie im Universalmuseum Joaneum, 2008,  “Auf der Schwelle”  Projekte der Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, 2011, Beatrix Sunkovsky (Hg.), “a piece of water” Katalog (Text from Anna Stuhlpfarrer, G. Rothemann u.a.) “Camera Austria 105/09” Text from Günther Holler Schuster, “Notopia” Ausstellungskatalog Neue Galerie Graz
    Ernst Koslitsch vienna contemporary artist art to collect from vienna


     „Fotografie an der Angewandten Klasse Rothemann“ Fotohof, Salzburg, „Katalog zum Förderpreis des Landes Steiermark“,Neue Galerie, Graz ; Katalog zur Ausstellung "Sei schnell und stirb“, Agitas „Katalog Monat der Fotografie” Klasse Rothemann, University of aplied arts, Vienna ,„Portrait-Dialog-Experiment“, Forum Stadtpark, Graz





    Ankaufspreis des Landes Steiermark → Emanuel und Sophie Fohn Stipendium 2007 + 2010 → ECB Photo Award/Ausstellung, Westlicht, Wien



  • VITA

    → born 1977 in Wagna and grew up in Wolfsberg im Schwarzautal

    1996-2003: worked in leading restaurants as a cook until 2004, Fotok workshop

    2004 to 2010: Universtity of Applied Arts, photography, department Gabriele Rothemann

    2007 to 2010 Akademy of fine Arts, performative arts and sculpture, Monica Bonvicini

    Gratuated 2010

    2011-2018 Founding member of 12 Munchies

    2018-Today Artist and partner Munchies Art Club



     Procrastination: You can make a religion out of it