Biography and all about Ernst Koslitsch

Who is Ernst Koslitsch?

Ernst Koslitsch is a cool dude from Austria, who lives with me and our son in Vienna. Ernst is well known to most people in our neighborhood, Währing. His Studio is at a mildly busy square, it used to be a cafe which we had for about 8 years, called 12 munchies.


"Yes, its true I was once a professional cook working in leading restaurants all over the world"

Before the Cafe Ernst Koslitsch studied art at the the University of applied arts and he also studied performative Arts and Sculptur at the Academy of fine arts, Vienna. He graduated in 2010. Now Ernst has matured into an amazing artist, he has found a new drive and has discovered new ways to process into art what goes on in his head.
♥ All Text on this webpage are from his wife, me, Dominique Foertig




Ernst Koslitsch Collection and Art to watch


Ernst Koslitsch works have been shown in following Museums: Kunsthaus Graz, Neue Galerie Graz, Camera Austria and Museum of modern Art Salzburg.  Josephine Wagner has been showing his work in her Gallery “Raum mit Licht” in Exhibitions since 2009. There are even Collectors of his work, these include: the State of Austria, Styria and Vienna. Private collection include: Collection Robert Zögling, Collection Brigitte and Christian Spiegelfeld and Alexander Giese.

Ernst Kosltisch is currently involved in the project : Munchies Art Club by Dominique Foertig