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Ernst Koslitsch and how to construct a fake world


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When you build a website about an Artist, like Ernst Koslitsch, what should be on it? An overview of the past and current works ? The best version of himself in art making? Ideas and thoughts and what drives him? The use of highly Artsy words with no meaning? A mixture of all? The most interesting Exhibition reviews?

B.O.R.I.N.G! Seriously, what should really be on it? The simplest way to find a reduced , minimalist view is easy (from a curators expectation): simply Google “Who is ernst koslitsch” and you there you will find a mix of pages informing you about exhibitions, projects, all kinds of images, text on his work and some non- art based information.

Koslitsch, ernst, If you construct a universe , you have to be carfull, create gods, birdman in blue, dancing human, around the bird, yellowuniverse
the birdpeople and human gathering
Koslitsch, artist,the truth is out there, art, on view , studio koslitsch, dominique foertig
the god of yellow in yellowuniverse
origin of Star Trek intro, original tv show

As an Artist he feels it is his duty to extend his art onto his new website. A space that is different, real and contemporary:  A mash up of the Artist Ernst Koslitsch and his mind.  It is a unique, small, insight through his eyes and hands. Everything is Everything (a title of one of his newer paintings) has his own ambivalent, changeable, simple and complex signature. Don’t be shy and be careful : You don´t want to get lost on this Trip to Saturn.

You can find work in progress, moods and adventures on and off art making by following him here, on Facebook and highly recommended via Instagram. Little piece of advice, write him a message 😉

How to construct a universe that doesn´t fall apart in two minutes?

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Don´t be a Jerry, …. ( from Rick and Morty)

He uses just about anything, that he feels fits into his work and worlds

Ernst likes all materials that fit into his art practice. The material becomes part of the thought process. He works with pencil, chalk, crayons, paint, wood, trash, concrete and sometimes photography. 

Koslitsch Ernst Artwork, Snake and Facebook
making truth: Facebook Snake
Ernst Koslitsch offical website shows drawing in pastel in a making truth concept of a snake als a mythological symbol
constructing mythology: Snake


It was just a question of time before Ernst Kosltisch started to draw and paint. It´s like his mind is always hunting. Ernst startet to draw and paint during 2016. 

He likes to challenge himself, but he also believes that he is not a painter per se, he feels more like he is discovering the use of expressing himself through this medium.He also loves using Material from the hardware store. Everything must be easy and has to fulfill its use in a final piece of work. Like a sculptor uses his hands. It was a 

artwork, gods, gathering,

This especially became clear to him after using photography to express himself for such a long time. He needed a more immediate satisfaction with no secondary involvement.

Painting in its newness is hard on for him and yet at the same time so familiar and right. He overpaints everything he doesn’t like. Starts again and creates paintings over paintings and paintings behind paintings.

Ernst Koslitsch new work, 2019

One day he can’t stop drawing and painting, covering canvas and paper in a fury. Other days there is nothing.

There are days where he posts a photograph of his work on Instagram and I can’t wait to see it. The next day its gone. Not only on the web, its been repainted, changed, formed into something new, he seeks completion. 

He needs to be convinced that he is finished, not I.

The Yellow Universe (2015 - Now): The Story of the Playground!

yellow universe is Ernst Koslitsch art practice

Like Thron: He needs a grid. A base where the Art of Ernst Koslitsch starts and happens. A Matrix of something that looks familiar to our world. A solid Mind map. A place where the History starts. Being able to go back and forth. Everything takes place in this world. Ernst Koslitsch Yellow universe ! 

flatland, yellow universe, Artwork, Koslitsch
Yellowunivers ( Nr.1), 2009
yellow universe, 12 munchies, Webseite, gelb ,
The Island of Yellowuniverse.2012

The wall pieces are ambivalent. A sculpture or object that hangs on a wall. You see layers. Clear and also opaque. If you have read the book flatland you can see the humor behind that piece.

wallpiepe, creating artist practice , more art from Vienna
Flatland, 2016

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions is a satirical novella by Edwin Abbott. Abbott, first published his work 1884 in London. Written pseudonymously by “A Square”,the book used the fictional two-dimensional world of Flatland to comment on the hierarchy of Victorian culture, but the novella’s more enduring contribution is its examination of dimensions. 

Its not only a landscape from above.

ernst koslitsch creating worlds, yellow universe

So the question ist, if you look like a square or a circle, flatland, and you…

Have you ever thought about creating a world, a model of something where you can place everything you imagine in it? A parallel universe, a storage you can access any time you want. No image, thought, or dream gets lost. 

Every Universe needs Gods: Or the believe in yourself, The Architect

wood sculptur, wall piece, studio koslitsch , Foertig, 12 Munchies, Währing, art
Mother, Yellowuniverse, 2018
creating mythology, koslitsch ernst, wallpiepe, art
The huge conversation, Wallpiece, 2017

The Architect: Hello, Neo.

Neo: Who are you?

The Architect: I am the Architect. I created the Matrix. I have been waiting for you. You have many questions and though the process has altered your consciousness, you remain irrevocably human. Ergo, some of my answers you will understand, some of them you will not. Concordantly, while your first question may be the most pertinent, you may or may not realize, it is also the most irrelevant. 

you found a religion, start a cult, wie gründet man eine sekte
God of life, Yellowuniverse, Artifact, 2017
truth and making of constructing mythology

Neo meets the Architect from the 2003 film Matrix reloadedWritten and directed by Andrew Paul “Andy” Wachowski & Larry Wachowski

koslitsch ernst, birdman, drawing
bird people
YETI, this ist Koslitsch,
harry yeti, constructiong myth


0peration blue book: UFO´s and other mysteries in Ernst Koslitsch World

contemporary artist inspired by ufo and mythology
"The last man on earth" 2018

Ernst knew he was hooked to the world of UFOs, alien conspiracy theories and stranger things when after a moderate interest he came across a documentary on the Belgium UFO wave.

A series of alleged sightings of triangular UFOs southeast of Brussels between the 29th of November 1989 till April 1990. Months after the event took place, people still claimed to have witnessed the objects, but no photographs or videos proofs were ever provided.

The news coverage took over 6 months, it was big. It started with strange sightings and weird phone calls that took place. What made this story so interesting was the fact that amongst the people that had witnessed the sightings were military personnel, policeman, Engineers and trusted members of the community.

They all saw and described a flying triangular object in the sky. Only one Photograph was taken from this UFO, supposedly a hoax. After a military intervention the subject was off the table and declared not to have happened..

ufo in contemporary art: constructing mythology


Star Trek is basically a telenovela in Space. Especially the old original series: Star Trek Enterprise classic. Captain Kirk on his his mission with the vulkan Mr. Spock. For Ernst and many others its the layers that make the Series so popular. 

art, Star Trek, Raumschiff enterprise, Intro, contemporary art


 The show has had  cultural influence beyond works of science fiction and played its part in progressive civil rights stances. The Original Series included one of television’s first multiracial casts and one of the first interracial kisses on screen. But its also the future portrayed as a place where money no longer is used, humans live together in peace. 

“here is a mythological component [to pop culture], especially with science fiction. It’s people looking for answers – and science fiction offers to explain the inexplicable, the same as religion tends to do… If we accept the premise that it has a mythological element, then all the stuff about going out into space and meeting new life – trying to explain it and put a human element to it – it’s a hopeful vision. All these things offer hope and imaginative solutions for the future.

— William Shatner

… get lost in thoughts….

Koslitsch ernst yellow universe
Koslitsch Ernst creating and making truth worlds

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