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A Workshop for inventors and creators: Start your own mythology


How to create a universe

The truth is out there or inside my head

This is the Artists Ernst Koslitsch version of a Portfolio and art practice. Over the years he has put together many a portfolio of his art, a collection of his best work at that period of his life.

On the one hand he made portfolios as a way of revising his work, bringing chaos to order.  On the other hand Portfolios are necessary for Gallerists, Curators, and all the other people moving in the art world.

The idea came to him that the Ernst Koslitsch website would be his next piece of art. An authentic site he would build by himself as an expression of himself. This is the beta version of it. It  is not stagnant. It moves, it changes and it grows. 

MAKING TRUTH: Infinity List of People who make their own truth real

Making Truth living: Eric von Däniken ( author of Chariots of the Gods? ),   Alex Jones ( Infowars), Ron Hubbard (founder of scientology) Brach ( Medium) Anton Zeilinger ( Beamen), Stan Lee ( Marvel Universum) Georg Lucas ( creator of Star Wars), the pope ( leader of the christian church), The Dalai Lama ( spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism) The Karthasians Family ( TV-Show family) , The Boston Dynamics ( google tech labratory), Cambridge analytica (political consulting firm) , Patrick Steward ( Captain Picard), Stephan Hawkins ( astro physicist) Gene Roddenberry ( creator of Star Trek) this list will be updated soon!

Ufo in contemporary art, koslitsch


Ernst is a memorable type. He also reminds people of someone famous. They never really know who? But he seems so – familiar. He gets told a lot that he looks like Jesus. So thats kind of a running joke with us. When we lived in Spain a complete stranger came up to him and believed he had met him at a club. In Berlin, that happened a couple of times. It seemed that there was a bartender working in a Club in Friedrichshain that looked a lot like Ernst.

So in this artificial exhibition the main theme is Doppelgänger. It is presumed that everyone has at least a few. But truly identical? Science suggests that doppelgänger should not exist. Mathematically speaking, the number of variables in any face is so large that it would be virtually impossible to meet someone who looks identical to you.

Still there are other variables, like in the case of siblings. Similar hair, eyes, lips, movements, manner, style etc. In the case of Jesus, no-one really knows what he truly looked like, so may be he did actually look like Ernst or Ernst like Jesus.

Examples of potential exhibitions

koslitsch ernst, is it my fault that i look like jesus? opening, exhibition, vienna


Life on the web allows you to be or say most anything you want. You can even split yourself into many different personalities. The real you, the fake you and the other fake you. You can be a man, a woman, a child.

You can be old or young, French or Canadian. You can be someones fake family, you can be someones fake lover or you can loudly be someones enemy. This can be a fake version of yourself, this can be the you you want to be but can’t live in your actual life.

Life on the web is an overload of truth and fake. There is also overlap. You see one thing, then you see another so very much like the first, then as you surf you sometimes feel you are seeing same faces, in a different setting, under different names. Virtual doppelgänger.


Guide/Workshop/Agency and Partner/ supports you on your conspiracy theories, it assists you in building a religious cult or a cult around you. 

Anyone is welcome, begginners, or those who already have a project but need help to grow and reach a larger public.

We invest in good ideas and can also imagine co-partnering. From virtual mythology to a brand. 

We make sure your community becomes obsessed with you.

making truth ernst koslitsch

Making Truth here is an example : The Flat Earth Society has approximately  220.000 Facebook followers 

Modern flat Earth societies are organizations that promote that the Earth is flat rather than a globe. Some believers are serious, some not. Those who are, are motivated either by religion or pseudoscience.

Karl Marx and Star Trek, Koslitsch ernst


How would a conversation between Karl Marx and the fictional figure Jean-Luc Picard transpire? Would Jean-Luc describe and demonstrate a replicator?

In the Star Trek series it is a device that uses matter energy conversion to dematerialize matter and then materialize it in to another form. 

On the Enterprise it is primarily used to provide food and water on board starships. Replicators could also be used to replicate machine parts, clothing and other objects. 


how´s your work life balance?

MAKING-TRUTH: Daily basis and labour

Today we are also witnessing a revolution in form of 3D printers. Body parts such as ears, kidneys, blood vessels, skin and bones have all successfully been 3D printed, by scientists in the US. The Bioprinters use a gel-like substance made from cells. Tests are taking place right now to develop food printers, Pizza for the Astronauts at Nasa, chocolate for chocolatiers and patissiers. It can print moulds for car parts, jewelry, dolls, toys and so much more.

The question here is what will the future hold? with the growing climate change, what will happen in the end, how will it be stopped? How will we resolve this major problem? Doing whats being done now, through education and more and more stricter laws and restrictions or will we save the planet through a technological revolution which specifies a paradigm shift. A paradigm shift is defined as an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.

More on my views at my lecture and talk.

Different Views

Ernst Koslitsch and artmaking
This Book, The House catches your attention because of its individual typography. Each story teller uses his own color and type and here and there the novels layout breaks up into Art concrete. (an art form where poetry and text are used with the medium speech to create Art) Some pages, are almost empty, on other pages tilted text, some are mirrored or upside down, creating movement, that pulls you through a corridor over the pages.
The House is always blue, no matter in which language. In the English multicolored version crossed out passages appear, but they are mostly about the Minotaur, they are in red, but there are also two small passages in purple.
This feature does not appear on the German version. Various footnotes are based on real but also fictional references and connect the Novel to a meaningful context, that extends further than what happens in the Novel. He who follows the footnotes end up in a maze of references. Thus the Books shape is a structural copy of the plot. 
crobbed worlds

How to find a logic answer acording to Mr. Spock

Wenn man von allen Möglichkeiten und alle unwahrscheinlichen ausschliesst muss die einzig mögliche Wahrheit übrig bleiben.

When you have excluded the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Sherlock Holmes

If you wanna ad something to Ernst Koslitsch Universe:

How you can be part of this Universe? Thats simple, look for a topic on the Ernst Koslitsch page, contemplate on it, bring in your ideas, write something, then send it to us. You can do this via text with your name ( per email or message us on our social media accounts).

Ernst Koslitsch, how to make a idiology, making a religion, crafting worlds
Question in my head this month Aboriginal People did not have written languages, they relied on passing on their history orally. This indicates the weight the spoken word has for the Aborigines.
Question: Don’t you wonder how that works? Have you ever played “Chinese whispers”? Its a game in which a message changes by being passed around in a whisper. 

look around in Ernsts multiuniverse, there are vitaes, pictures and more.

ernst koslitsch war of the worlds research
war of the worlds, art practice in conspiracy and science fiction

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