APEIRON. – Why Austrians Now? – Austrian Expedition

Radvila Palace Museum of Art | Vilnius | Lithuania

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APEIRON. - Why Austrians Now? - Austrian Expedition curated by Lina Albrikiene

Ernst Koslitsch take part of the group show : Apeiron - Why Austrians now? at Radvila Palace museum of Art Vilnius Lithuania. Curated by Lina Albrikiene.


Artists: Iris Dittler, Beate Gatschelhofer, Lena Göbel, Michael Gumhold, Georg Haberler, Ernst Koslitsch, Elisabeth Molin, Ute Müller, Bernd Oppl, Linus Riepler, Anja Ronacher, Patrick Topitschnig, Andreas Trobollowitsch,  Andreas Werner.

Open: 11.11.2021 — 30.01.2022




This begins with the story of a 19th century sea-voyage to the Arctic. The renowned German painter Caspar David Friedrich was not on that boat, yet one of his most remarkable paintings, The Sea of Ice, depicts it foundering among the jagged ice floes.


The painting was created from his imagination, from the stories of the expedition team, and from watching the ice on the river Elbe. The “truth” was formed in the artist’s absence, without him actually witnessing the event. The narrative continues with the scene from the film Space Odyssey. 2001 in which the apes suddenly encounter an unknown structure created by humans which signifies existing society, here and now.


The exhibition proper then begins and viewers start to experience the works of the participating artists. Viewers can attend in two different ways: physically and visionary. The diverse media including sound installation, video art, photography, installation, paintings, drawings, objects, and performance bring to life the wonders and universe sublimity that can be found within each one of us.


Curator Lina Albrikienė

October 1, 2021