It doesn’t have to concern you what I believe | Ernst Koslitsch | Domino Exhibition: Gallery Raum mit Licht in Collaboration with Munchies Art Club

16 March - 30 June 2021

Overview | Raum mit Licht Gallery and Munchies Art Club Group Show: Domino

Raum mit Licht Gallery in collaboration with Munchies Art Club is pleased to present DOMINO a Series of solo and duo shows, adding artists every two weeks.


The Exhibition takes place online and analog at the Gallery Raum mit Licht space and online via Munchies Art Club.

The invited artists have the opportunity to present new artworks and work in progress on location.


The first Solo Show of 11 is called „It doesn’t have to concern you what I believe“ from Austrian artist Ernst Koslitsch.


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  • Introduction and about Ernst Koslitsch Work

    Introduction and about Ernst Koslitsch Work

    Ernst Koslitsch is constantly challenging himself to create something out of nothing with limited tools, constantly working on creating something better and different. His new development lets us dive into a yellow-esque and pre-historic environment.


    We are images, dreams, photographs. We must not stay here. Prisoners! We shall break the illusion. This is magic! Goodbye to the Holy Mountain. Real life awaits us. Quote from Alejandro Jodorowsky about his movie : The Holy Mountain ( La Montaña sagrada)

    From small rough filigree figurines coming together into one large wall piece to wooden trolleys reminding of sacrilegious objects are all made out of wood found at constructing sites- raw, wild, and ancient. 

    The artist also shows works on paper, with a focus on pastel crayons as his favorite medium, showing unique, naive, and colorful artworks, a translation on to paper of what goes on in his mind.

  • Exhibition View | Domino Exhibition

  • Constructed Mythology | The Yellow Universe

    Constructed Mythology | The Yellow Universe

    His works are all part of what he calls his "Yellow Universe". A parallel world.

    His newest work a wall-filling sculpture consisting of 38 of 50 fragile and playful woodcuts, is named "The first 5000 years“ ( in his Yellow Universe). An ambiguous depiction of ancient rock art.

    Influenced by cave paintings found in France, stone paintings found in Africa, Geoglyphs from the dessert of Nasca, and ignited by the youngest discovery in the remote area of the Colombian jungle in Serrania de la Lindosa mountain, in the Chiribiquete National Park.

  • Online Viewing Room | Exhibition and Installation View

  • The first 5000 years | Art Installation
    The first 5000 years | Installation view

    The first 5000 years | Art Installation

    Ernst is fascinated by the fact that belief is the biggest influence in someone accepting if something is real or not. The question he asks himself is: If something is conceived as being real and thus accepted as real by everyone, does it automatically becomes the truth? Even if in actual fact it's no more than a lie?

    Ernst has always been occupied with the reason behind people's need for belief.

    He sees the development of his art practice as an experiment and analysis on figuring out how beliefs have developed over time.

    His artworks are transliterations of his research.

  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Credits and Courtesy of Images and Text: Ernst Koslitsch and Ulrich Zinell Website Ulrich Zinell

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