Parallel Vienna | 2021 | Ernst Koslitsch: Come with me if you want to live | Artist Statement

  • Come with me if you want to live | Parallel Vienna | 2021, Ernst Koslitsch | Room B 203 |...

    Come with me, if you want to live | Ernst Koslitsch | Parallel Vienna

    Come with me if you want to live | Parallel Vienna | 2021

    Ernst Koslitsch | Room B 203 | House B at Semmelweis-Womans-Clinic

    For his artist statement at this years "Parallel Vienna | Art Fair taking place at the Ignaz Semmeweis womans clinic, Ernst Koslitsch has used wooden panels collected over the summer from construction sites from the Semmelweiss Clinic area and built new works with them. The title “Come with me if you want to live” describes the search for truth. Koslitsch interest lies in how “storytelling” turns stories into truths or myths. His fascination for the mystery of the unexplained triggers questions on the human construct and its faith.


    As in the case of Ignaz Semmelweis, a man of great wisdom, working hard to bring to acceptance fact-based measures to protect women from dying in filthy environments. Something as accepted in today's society “Hygiene”, was then frowned upon and undermined, presented, and dismissed as charlatanry and false, even though his work proved otherwise.

    In history repeatedly we see similar examples of ignorance, even right now we face such absurd testimonials from those who reject the existence of Covid and its effects on all of civilization.


    Visit the Parallel Vienna 2021 from 7th to 12th of September 2021 and discover Ernst Koslitsch Works in Room Number 203 | House B at the Semmeweis Clinic Währing, Vienna.


  • The Pearl | Semmelweis-womans-clinic

    A selection of works from outer space
  • Exhibition View | Room 203 | House B |

    Parallel Vienna | Art Fair 2021
  • About Parallel Vienna | Art Fair , Semmelweis-Womans-Clinic | Währing | 1180 Vienna

    Parallel Vienna 2021 | Semmelweis womans clinic | Währing | 1180 Vienna

    About Parallel Vienna | Art Fair

    Semmelweis-Womans-Clinic | Währing | 1180 Vienna

    Parallel Vienna is a hybrid between art fair, exhibition space and artist studio. Since 2013 the art fair takes place in vacated buildings in Vienna and presents this years fair at the former Ignaz Semmelweis Klinik in the district of Währing, 1180 Vienna, on more than10000 square meters contemporary art at its best.


    On view at this years Parallel will be 34 Galleries, 36 project rooms and 10 art University classes. As a result, the exhibition area is filled with more than 500 artistic positions.


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  • About Semmelweis Womans Clinic Währing, Location | About | More

    Ignaz Semmelweis womans clinic, Währing, Bastiengasse 36, Vienna | Location Parallel art fair

    About Semmelweis Womans Clinic Währing

    Location | About | More

    The Semmelweis Women's Clinic was a gynecological clinic in the 18th district of Währing in Vienna from 1908 till 2019. It was named after the doctor Ignaz Semmelweis. The clinic was located at Bastiengasse 36–38 in the Gersthof district. It consisted of six five-story pavilions in a park.


    Parallel Vienna adress:

    Bastiengasse 36-38

    1180 Vienna

    Parallel Art Fair Dates:

    7th - 12th September 2021