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Ernst Koslitsch

Get ready to dive into my brand-new website with a quote from the legendary Philip K. Dick: "How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later!" It's the foundation of my Yellow Universe Project and the endless possibilities it holds. 


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A Soul to Squeeze
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A Soul to Squeeze

Summer Exhibition

Ernst Koslitsch shows new sculpture works in his Studio at Vienna, Währing. From 1.July -31. August 2023

Currently by Appointment only!

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New Sculpture now | A Soul you have to Squeeze !

Hey folks, behold my final piece of work before we dive headfirst into the summer break! But let me tell you a little secret: artists never truly take a break, do they? So here's the plan: I'm transforming my artist studio in Vienna into a magnificent wall art installation, showcasing my latest works “A Soul to Squeeze” (could it be that the Red hot Chili Peppers come to a Vienna Visit?”. It's going to be a mind-blowing spectacle!

Now, don't you worry, this so-called "break" won't be wasted. Oh no! Instead, I'll be soaking up the sun and letting my creativity run wild. Fresh ideas will be flowing through my veins, and I might even shake things up a bit. Who knows what surprises the next season holds?

But hey, while I'm off gallivanting, make sure you make the most of your summer! Bask in the glorious sunshine, lounge by the pool, and let the good vibes wash over you. And remember, even though I'm taking a breather, the artistic spirit never sleeps. So keep those creative juices flowing and get ready for my epic comeback!

Catch you on the flip side, my friends. Enjoy the summer like it's going out of style! And follow everything in between via my Instagram Channel!

art installation now, vienna, must see by ernst koslitsch
painting now from contemporary artist Ernst Koslitsch
contemporary sculpture now and tomorrow, vienna