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Get ready to dive into my brand-new website with a quote from the legendary Philip K. Dick: "How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later!" It's the foundation of my Yellow Universe Project and the endless possibilities it holds. 


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The First 5000 Years |
A Contemporary Wood Sculpture Wall Installation

Images by Ulrich Zinell 

A First Encounter and a Brief Introduction to the Figurative Wood Sculpture

Hey there, art explorers! This summer, I decided to take a closer look at one of my first wooden wall creations. You know, the kind that hangs proudly in both private and public collections. Yep, I'm talking about none other than "The First 5000 Years" - my very first wall masterpiece.

Now, some of you might already know this (thanks to my fabulous Instagram followers), but between 2011 and 2018, I was on a little artistic hiatus. It wasn't until the pandemic hit that things started to change. New materials, shiny new machines, and most importantly, a flood of new ideas burst into my creative bubble. And voila! The Yellow Universe was born.

With "The First 5000 Years," I embarked on a journey of creating figurative, primitive, and delightfully simple forms. I drew inspiration from things like cave paintings, stone carvings, and even ancient maps. Who knows, maybe you'll stumble upon one of my quirky characters hidden away in a prehistoric cave. Or maybe not, but let's keep that mystery alive!

So buckle up, my friends, because we're about to venture into a world where the past meets the present in the most whimsical way. Get ready to be amazed by the wonders of the Yellow Universe!

Adventure of the wood sculpture: “ The First 5000 Years” 2020

So, picture this: my artwork had quite the adventure, starting its grand debut at the Gallery Raum mit Licht in the Domino exhibition. Oh, the applause was thunderous, my friends! But that's not all.

Brace yourselves for a twist in the tale! The curator, Lina Albrikiene, whisked my creation all the way to Vilnius, Lithuania, where it found its new exhibiton place in the  Radial Palace Museum.

But wait, there's more! Drumroll, please... The cherry on top of this artful journey is that my artwork was snatched up by none other than the City of Graz Collection.

The First 5000 Years| Installation
40 pieces, figurative Wood Sculpture*
Yellow construction Site Wood, Paint,
Staples, Nails
450cm x 185cm x 15cm 

* Collection of City of Graz | Styria | Austria

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