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Ernst Koslitsch

Get ready to dive into my brand-new website with a quote from the legendary Philip K. Dick: "How To Build A Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later!" It's the foundation of my Yellow Universe Project and the endless possibilities it holds. 


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Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine Studio Visit And Artist Interview

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Credits by Daniel Lichterwald

Studio Visit: Ernst Koslitsch Studio in Vienna and his Yellow Universe | Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine Interview |
Image by Daniel Lichterwald

Interview and Studio Visit now:

Today, we have the privilege of joining Daniel Lichterwald, contributor from the art publication, Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine. Together, they engage in an intimate dialogue, delving into Koslitsch's artistic process, illuminating his unique creative vision, and unearthing the profound depths of his mesmerizing body of work.

Prepare to be enthralled as we embark on this insightful journey, unraveling the artistic genius of Ernst Koslitsch, one brushstroke at a time. Lichterwald meet Ernst Koslitsch in his Studio at the Aumannplatz, Währing Vienna.

les nouveaux riches magazine artist interview
“All is full of love” | Wallpiece -> Work in Progress | Studio Koslitsch Währing | Image: Daniel Lichterwald for Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine

les nouveaux riches magazine, artist interview with ernst koslitschThe artist Ernst Koslitsch in his Studio in Vienna Währing, between his Yellow Universe sculptures and paintings | Image by Daniel Lichterwald for Les Nouveaux Riches

ernst koslitsch artist interview now with an art magazineArtist Studio Koslitsch | Interview about his work practice with Daniel Lichterwald from Les Nouveaux Riches Magazine Vienna
art magazine, studio visit and interviewWork in progress | Artist Studio | Interview with Les Nouveaux Riches Art Magazine
emerging artist and sculptor now interview and studio visitYellow Universe | Sculptures, Drawings and Paintings by Ernst Koslitsch | Image by Daniel Lichterwald

Read the full Interview ->