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Groupshow | Beings and Creatures at Rotor Graz

The Found and the Constructed | Artists: Erik Binder|Ernst Koslitsch | Nana Mandl and Karl Karner | Edith Payer|Katrin Plavcak |
Christian Raduta | 
Marie Tučková 

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12.11.–23.12.2022 18.2.2023 


Erik Binder|Ernst Koslitsch |Nana Mandl and Karl Karner|Edith Payer|Katrin Plavcak|Christian Raduta |Marie Tučková
Introducing the Captivating Exhibition:
"Between the Found and the Constructed"
by ROTOR Art Association Graz

Get ready to immerse yourself in a mesmerizing art experience! I proudly presents the latest installment from the enchanting series "Beings & Creatures" at the esteemed Art Association ROTOR in Graz->, Austria.

This extraordinary series unfolds across four captivating chapters, each offering a unique perspective.

Following the thought-provoking explorations of "On Damaged Earth" and the captivating journey through "In The Midst Of New And Old Kinship," we now embark on the exhilarating third chapter: "Between the Found and the Constructed." Brace yourself for an unforgettable encounter with the intricate nature of both preexisting and freshly crafted beings.

Prepare to be astonished as the exhibition brings together the visionary works of eight exceptional artists.

With diverse approaches to appropriating found objects, constructing novel forms, and skillful assemblage, these artists delve into the depths of artistic expression.

Drawing inspiration from a myriad of sources, each artist skillfully weaves their unique perspective into their creative process. The result? A magnificent tapestry of creatures that embody a multitude of dimensions, both in content and form.Here's an overview of the brilliant participating artists who will captivate your imagination:

  1. Erik Binder: Delving into the realm of found objects and their hidden narratives.

  2. Ernst Koslitsch: Pushing boundaries through thought-provoking and intricate constructions.

  3. Nana Mandl & Karl Karner: Collaborative masterminds blending the found and the created in captivating harmony.

  4. Edith Payer: Unleashing the beauty of assemblage with a touch of artistic brilliance.

  5. Katrin Plavčak: Exploring new frontiers by constructing captivating visual narratives.

  6. Cristian Răduţă: Infusing found materials with soul-stirring creativity, redefining their essence.

  7. Marie Tučková: Embarking on a journey of artistic exploration, merging the found and the constructed.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness the spellbinding fusion of artistry and imagination.

Join us at the ROTOR Art Association in Graz, Austria, and be transported into a world where the found and the constructed intertwine in extraordinary harmony.